FAQs – Queen City Bullys


Frequently Asked Questions:

Where are you located?

We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio

What is the process of buying a puppy from you?

First, we talk to you about exactly what you are looking for in your new family member and help match you to the best puppy to fit your lifestyle. Once we do this and you decide on your pick puppy, and from which breeding, we accept a $1000 deposit to hold your pick. Your full balance is due when the puppies turn 8 weeks old. 

How do I get my puppy from you?

Although we love for our customers to drive in and see the dogs and pickup their pup in person sometimes that is not an option for everyone. We offer personal delivery to most of our clients, if we're unable to personally deliver your pup we have a very reliable ground shipper. The delivery fee is $0.89 per mile for domestic transports. If driving distance is more than 8hrs, we can fly your pup to your local airport as long as they're under 20lbs.  

Can you get my puppy’s ears cropped?

Yes, we can get the puppies ear cropped before they go home. It is 100% up to the costumer whether or not they want their puppy’s ears cropped. The style of crop our dogs get is show crop.


How We Raise Our Pups:

From the moment we plan our breeding, we start planning everything out. When our females come into season they go to our vet for a Breeding Exam and progesterone testing. We then at 4 weeks post breeding, go in for an ultrasound and puppy count! Then at 8 weeks we go back for a x-ray to check on pups and get a final count before week 9 and delivery. Our girls then have their whelping box and room set up. Our pups are raised solely indoors.


Puppy Vaccine Schedule:

Our pups are dewormed at 3,4,6 weeks of age with Pyrantel dog wormer. At 6 weeks we give the pups their first shots (DA2PPC) and they receive another at 8 weeks before leaving with their furever families. This ensures we have done our part as breeders to help them lead a long healthy life.

Dog and Puppy Food:

We feed Victor Hi Pro Plus to our puppies and adults. We have had great results with this food and feel like it gives our pups a great start at life!