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5 Mistakes Not to Make When Starting Your Breeding Program

5 Mistakes Not to Make When Starting Your Breeding Program 


1. Not Having A Vision


Not having a vision can be detrimental to a breeding program going with the flow is not something you want to do when breeding dogs. You want to plan ahead as much as possible. You have to be able to see things that aren’t visible and create a vision in your head of what you want your breedings to turn out like. Having a vision creates boundaries for what a breeder is willing to and not willing to accept from his/her productions only breeding towards the betterment of the program and the breed. 


2. Not Doing Enough Research


Not doing enough can cause a lot of money and heartache. Do yourself and your pockets a favor and do as much research as possible. Figure out what class of American Bully it is you’re breeding towards become familiar with the breed standard. Become knowledgeable about the breeding and whelping process. Make sure you have a good veterinarian for your dogs and pups


3. Starting with Cheap Dogs 


Don’t start your program off with cheap dogs just because they have papers. If you want to breed quality American Bullies you have to invest in your program and pay for quality. Don’t buy two cheap dogs and think you’re going to produce top quality American Bullies. Younger what you pay for. 



4. Buying Too Many Dogs 


Think about this before you start your breeding career off by buying a bunch of dogs. Once you begin producing litters you’ll need to keep some of your production to keep your breeding program going. If you buy a bunch of dogs before you even complete one breeding you’ll find yourself with a need to make room for dogs you plan on keeping 


5. Not Building Relationships with Reputable Breeders

Too often times as a people we feel the need to think we can do everything by ourselves. This job is not something you can do successfully at a high level doing things all by yourself. You may begin doing it alone but as you scale up things will get to a point where it will benefit you to have a team to make the dream work